Posted date: 13/March/2010

The production house of JB cinema culture – Yuvaraj a ‘Cheese’ businessman in profession in his first venture with many cost cutting measures from director Srinivas started the film ‘Premagami’ on Thursday morning at Shankara Foundation in Bangalore.
Director Srinivas is adding some fresh elements like the tablets coming for love development and also for reducing the love in his three dimensional film. Love has become a business today. The pure love is replaced by benefits says Srinivas. He is shooting for 87 scenes with forty characters in 45 plus days. The film going towards the love also highlights the tablets coming in the artificial love.
John, Abhi, Aridraj Raj, Maithreyi and Swathi are the main characters in this film. Ramesh Albai is the cameraman.
Anoop Seelin is picking up the song from ‘Ellindalo Bandavaru’ of 80’s. It is written by P Lankesh. The song is Kempadavo Ella Kempadavu…..scored by Vijayabhasker and sung by Dr.SPB will be in new raga of Anoop Seelin. Anoop is also scoring music for six other songs.

On September 20th of last year Srinivas addressed the media at The Bell Hotel – here is that report you can check with the changes from earlier announcement of director Srinivas:
At the Premagami last press meet five months ago -
Do not brand your feelings in the mind. It should keep flowing like running water. It should not be stagnant says young director Srinivas in his debut film ‘Prema Gami’. In to business television, stint in Star TV and advertisement company Srinivas gained enough of experience to float a new film with some advanced thoughts in love story film ‘Prema Gami’ that is produced by Anand and Yuvaraj. Srinivas has done research work before jumping to take up his directorial venture. The entire world stands on art and love he feels. When a small ad could say so many things in 30 seconds how much I can make an attempt to say with 8100 seconds on big screen? This is what Srinivas is aiming at in a novel style.
Anoop Seelin the rising music director of Kannada cinema has immensely liked the special thoughts in Srinivas and the film will be totally different for the present generation he says.
Aridrita, Sami, Teju, Richa Sinha, Krish, John, Abhi are in the cast of ‘Prema Gami’ that will be shot in 35 days in Bangalore, Madikeri, Sakleshpur and Talakkad surroundings. Ramesh is the cameraman of ‘Prema Gami’ that is all about fragrance of Love.

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