Posted date: 9/March/2010

Two Kannada films one hero Srimurali is hitting the screen on 12th March 2010 is a surprising factor. On the one side ‘Sihigali’ is coming all of a sudden keeping silent for two years while ‘Sriharikathe’ is in a disciplined system of release.

Sihigali is by debutant producers while Sriharikathe is by oldies. It seems the ego clash is going to have a costly effect! The ‘Sihigali’ team of producers in the presence of Srimurali was not convinced even when media highlighted the difficulties emerging out of two releases of one hero.

We are new producers why can’t the seniors help us and defer the release says the ‘Sihigali’ producers. I cannot say anything at this stage. My father has asked me not to speak said Srimurali. I want the encouragement of the media for both the films he said.

Director of ‘sihigali’ Lekhan says for the real life happening he has added an imaginary climax. The mother sentiment and love in the life of protagonist are focused in this film by Lekhan.

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