`SUKADHADA KANASILLA` ? Director H.R.Bhargava
Posted date: 10/December/2008

Eminent director Bhargava is keeping low key after 50. That is not his age but number of films in Kannada. Growing up in life in penury Bharaga had a glorious innings. It has been very careful and he never forgot the moral responsibility and social liability in his life.

He agrees to the point that when ‘W’ that is wealth comes the Wine and Woman comes in plenty. But when one loses ‘Maryadhe’ he loses everything in life. Look at me I cried when Rs.170 was picked from my pocket decades ago. It was the days of Rs.20000 for a film direction which had to be maintained for the whole year. Rs.350 was monthly ration, Rs.80 was house rent Rs.20 light bill….my wife was writing the ‘Lekka’ and transferring the saved money to the next month. Knowing the difficulty and value of money was taught to me. I have seen people in the industry asking for cigarettes from London to smoke. When once the Dubai cigarette landed on the table that was of the same brand the particular hero declined to smoke as he was particular about the tobacco used in same brand produced in London Bhargava barged in to the life experience.

I stopped producing my 8th film and decided only direction. Cameraman DV Rajaram has seen every inch of growth in my life. He has advised my wife too for the 8th film but I had to get marry two daughters that was my social liability. I said no to burn of currency. Bhargava is such straightforward gentleman. He knows where it pinches. You need even wear the shoes sometimes. The experience in life teaches where it pinches he says.

Keeping silent after the debacle ‘Gandugali Kumararama’ he is not facing the situation of rejection. None of my films are in ‘Pettige’. The dream of working with Dr.Rajakumar I got it realized. I learnt work from my uncle Hunsur Krishnamurthy, I have directed a lot of Dr.Vishnu films…..

In those days I saw from my own eyes the live of orchestra in the theatres while screening films. From four tracks to 80 tracks have come now but those days are better. I still remember my Chikkappa saying ‘ene Adhru Nagu Nagutha Nali’.

Today I do not go with Bio Data of mine for job. I tell producers not to come thinking that I have story to direct. I don’t have anything. When opportunity comes I have that ‘Shakthi and Yukthi’ to make a film. That should be in your head like how Hunsur Krishnamurthy used to have. But tricky man Chi Udayashanker used to give big pillow size of script for interval portion Bhargava went decades old in his memory. At this point of time he was asked whether he is planning to write a book on his life in films. I am thinking about it not yet decided he pointed.

He went back again to the days of cameraman Madhusoodhan, Chitti Babu and D.V.Rajaram. The arch light was used less for photography. Today the technical advancement is too much. It is so unnatural. Script is main and then the hero no one thinking on this line Bhargava Bhandara opened one by one.

Chitratara.com gives the list of films directed and produced by Bhargava one of the finest directors of Kannada cinema.

Bhargava’s full name is Bhagyachandra. He grew up in the shadow of his Chikkappa Hunsur Krishnamurthy. He took up cinema work when a particular boy was missing on the sets. Thus his life of ‘Start, Cut and Action’ started. But before that he was armed with B.Sc. degree.

Here is films list of director BHARGAVA

Bhagyavantharu, Olavu Gelavu, Asadhya Aliya, Kulla Kulli, Mankuthimma, Tony, Ondhe Guri, Gandugali Rama, Bedhuru Bombe, Mooru Janma, Vajramushti, Preethi Vatsalya, Avala Hejje, Jeevana Chakra, Guru Shishyaru, Krishna Nee Begane Baaro, Maneya Mantralaya, Sowbhagya Lakshmi, Shubamilana, Kurukshetra, Shanthinivasa, Nammura Raja, Jananayaka, Krishna Rukmini, Chapala Channigaraya, Hosa Jeevana, Gandanige Thakka Hendathi, Aranyadalli Abhimanyu, Jagadeka Veera, Rajadhiraja, Jaga Mechchida Huduga, Vasantha Poornima, Prana Snehitha, Sammilana, Bangarada Kalasa, Bangaradha Mane, Janani Janma Bhoomi, Prema Sangama, Karunamayi, Hrudaya Geethe, Mathe Hadithu Kogile, Saptha Padhi are some of his notable film directions. Bandhalu Anubandhalu is his Telugu film direction. He has produced seven films.


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