Posted date: 30 Tue, Apr 2013 03:25:38 PM

‘Jana Change Kelthare Saar’! So the thinking is different and treatment to mass media cinema is also different. In most of the cases they are getting indifferent answer in the box office. Only here and there persons like Suni shine.

This is a new title of Kannada cinema by Nagendra as director and he is Rohan as hero with Kumudha as heroine. Variety is the call of the day. Nagendra director name is symbolic of snake in the title card. He has followed the recent trend of showcasing glimpse of his movie while it is at the shooting in progress. Similar thing happened on Monday. Trailer and a song were screened.  

By the by Nagendra is inspired from 1999 Upendra film A. The censor certificate is also given in most of the cases as U and A. It is with parental guidance minor should come to theaters. Nagendra claims that his film is worth viewing by all.

Who is this Nagendra? His earlier name was Yashraj (not the distributor Yashraj of yesteryears) in films like ‘Hai’ directed by Rudresh and ‘Eshtu Nagthi Nagu’ Kannada films. He is coming now with two different names for two different responsibilities in one film.

‘Simple agi Ond love story’ Suni has joined in the production of this film with comedy, horror, message and sentiment filled cinema,

It is another film a joint venture for Suni who has got a series of films Bazaar, Kshu Kushili and another film ‘Bahuparak’ and for the story of hero Rakshit Shetty ‘Ulidavaru Kandanthe’- are in the queue.

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