Posted date: 19 Wed, Jun 2013 – 11:56:34 PM
It will be a full moon day and cloud nine situations for very brilliant, eloquent director Roopa Iyer on 27th – Thursday – the day the film ‘Chandra’ will be released. After two weeks of Kannada release Tamil version will be released all over the world. Identifying the places for world release Roop Iyer would travel all over. She is recognized in over 12 international film festivals for her thought provoking ‘Mukhaputa’.

At Le Meredian on Monday afternoon Roopa Iyer thanking the whole team for extending good cooperation said media has been very supportive. When I was in depression it was only media that made me feel great. HD Gangaraju is distributor of this film.

Ravi Rajagopal coming down for the promotion of the film from USA said India Classic Arts has done a great job for ‘Chandra’ and it has been two years of hard work . We have shot in America, Dubai, Mysore, Bangalore and other locales he pointed.  The film would reach abroad and Egypt festival committee has already placed the demand. We have made sub titles for the film already. Knowing the availability we would definitely release abroad he promised.

The prettiest Shriya Saran said she got a warm welcome from this film. It is very close to my heart. The film is beautiful because the script is beautiful. Anyone would fall in love, it is simple, effective and enormous enough to like. Working with Premkumar, Ganesh Venkataraman, Vivek in the passionate director Roopa Iyer, I was blessed she declared.

Gautham Srivatsav young buddy in the music said Roopa Iyer is greatest in her work. The making of this film would take the Kannada film industry to higher levels. We have over 4.5 lakh visitors for two songs. Over 6000 pieces of CD we have sold is a great achievement.

Editor of the film Sri of Crazy Minds pointed that Roopa is a perfectionist. Every bit of the film she takes care. Color scheming in her is fabulous.

Playback singer Badariprasad says in the name of the title ‘Chandra’ there is dignity. There are two classical numbers. I have enjoyed singing. He rendered a few lines of the two songs.
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