'Yelli Jarithu Manavu' Mega Serial
Posted date: 28/January/2010

For the fickle and wandering mind this serial is like a hand mirror or a guide. It warns the youngsters so that they won’t take a wrong path in their teenage life.
In this Mega Serial College plays a very important role. The college goers dreams their jolly moments, their josh, Fun and frolic in the college campus can be seen.
Teenage life is like a flying bird, it’s like flowing water, and like a scented flower it spreads its fragrance here and there. This serial tells about the teenagers’ fickle mindedness, Love and affections, and their dreams and aspirations during their college days.
This story has five Female characters in the lead role; through them we are going to express the true facts in the college goer’s life. Nowadays in colleges more than studies teenagers’ life is deviating towards love and other distractions. They take life easily and take it for granted and finally spoil it. The story will portray all these facts and finally how these five girls come out of all these problems and where they reach in life can be seen.
This story also tells about Humanity, and the relationship between Students and teachers, And in their families. All the students are good but their mind changes based on their surrounding environment. They think that they are undergoing Love but it is actually infatuation.
We are trying to convey the society through this serial that during studies one should truly focus on studies without deviating to other distractions, Right things has to be done at the right time, If not done what they will face in the family life and in the society.

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