Posted date: 05 Sun, Jan 2020 06:22:57 PM

From real estate business in Aishwarya Developers vibrant producer Shivaprakash steps in to cinema production ‘Sri Bharata Bahubali’. He has already invested Rs.6 crores on the project and releasing on 17th January 2019 in KRG distribution network.

This is the debut hero role for very popular Manju Mandavya – he is writer, director, singer, actor, screenplay writer and over all in charge of the film ‘Sri Bharata Bahubali’.

Knowing well that we don’t have big super stars in the film producer Shivaprakash announced Rs.1 crore gifts to audience who watch the film in two weeks span of time.

The audience watching all over Karnataka have to keep the counterfoil safely and all ticket counterfoils at the theatre will be pooled in one box and via lucky dip the prizes will be announced.

In Rs.1 crore gift – 50 lakhs of rupees worth 20 cars and remaining Rs.50 lakhs in gold to attract women audience to the theatres. How many would get in Rs.50 lakhs gold is not yet decided.

Producer Shivaprakash is an excellent businessman. Firstly he will be getting audience to the theatres and that also push the film to run further.

Manju Mandavya is thrilled with such announcement from his producer. In fact he had written a few lines in one of the songs looking at the producer qualities.

Producer Shivaprakash distributed 10000 sites to middle class people in Mysuru and Bengaluru in his business empire.

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