Posted date: 20 Fri, Jan 2012 ? 03:59:58 PM

After long silence veteran who created wonders in Kannada cinema from his bundle of talent Kashinath is back as associate producer, producer training institute in charge and in professor role in ’12 AM’.

As a matter of fact ’12 AM’ is ‘Kashi Halva’ for that producer Vijayakumar and his wife Pratima said ‘Idhu Channgidhe Alva’ in their address. Vijayakumar knowing the proper channelizing of his money ventured into this project ’12 AM’ a horror cum suspense movie. Vijayakumar says from 80 percent of shooting with guidance from Kashinath he has already saved 25 percent of expenditure. In the normal business it is only 8 percent profit he informs.

Kashinath is playing associate director role to his Shishya Karthik. Karthik debuting as director focusing on horror and suspense with the background of a Medical college says except Kashinath all others in this film are faceless employees. He shows the placard a bunch of faces carried by Kashinath at the top.

Abhimanyu who does not believe in numerology has comes back from Alok name to the original name kept by his parents. He is told to come to the spot and do what is told by his father Kashinath and director Karthik.

Divya Sridhar is working on the instructions and she is not aware what has gone through in the 80 percent of the shoot. She knows only her portion of simple college going student.

The poster designs as publicity designs were released at this media address. There will be no audio release because instead of two songs only one is planned by ’12 AM’ team. 80 percent of the shooting was held in the night effect that too outdoor by cameraman Umapathi.

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