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Title – 2nd Half, Producer – Nagesh, Direction – Yogi Devaganga, Music – Chetan Soska, Cinematography – RK Shivakumar, Cast – Priyanka Upendra, Niranjan, Surabhi Santosh, Shalini, Sharat Lohitashva, Veena Sunder, Ashok Rao and others.

The first half as caption for ‘2nd Half’ is average but different in narration but second half is ‘Top Class’ only because of Priyanka Upendra presence.

Yogi Devaganga in his first film has not looked at an ordinary subject. He has made a careful approach. The first half is really an eye opener because it keeps the people who watch this film under alert in making mistakes in public life. Every frame of the activity is recorded in the huge control room of the police department – this is what everyone should know.

Anuradha a constable with Shailini in this control room is very fond of the nature of one particular girl Sharanya she comes across in the control room. As she follows her nature and her boy friend, one day Anuradha is shocked because Sharnaya is kidnapped.

That is first half of 2nd half. In the 2nd half the most interesting twists and turns take place that keeps audience in the edge of their seats.

Anuradha police constable goes on a week holiday to search the missing Sharanya. She gets the help of Niranjan in this effort lover of Sharanya.

As she digs on the issue she comes to know the rare nature of Sharanya. At the same time the kidnap of Sharanya is by her heavy weight politician father she comes to know. What is further in store you have to watch it on screen!

It is Priyanka Upendra film all the way. She looks glam in constable costume besides in the regular costume. Surabhi and Niranjan have done the roles rather very easily. This is the debut of Niranjan nephew of Upendra.

Veena Sunder, Sharat Lohitashva , Ashok Rao after a long gap on screen extended good support in character roles.

One song sung by super star Upendra for Niranjan is peppy, fast and interesting. The cinematography and technical aspects of this film have worked competitively for this film.

2nd half is a super watch!
Score – 3 / 5 ***
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