Posted date: 31/January/2010

The Kannada films are having bad time in the box office and people connected to it are also kicking their buckets in a series. From 29th of December till this Sunday 31st of January we have lost – Dr C.Ashwath, Circus Boranna, Chandulal Jain, Dr Vishnuvardhana, Dr KS Ashwath, Still photographer Nagdev, art director Sathyanarayana, Padmasri Chindodi Leela and in the last three days cameraman Surendranath Begur and B.V.Vaikunta Raju.

Surendranath Begur ailing for some time has done camera work for some of the big films like ‘Bhoomigeetha’ in 1997. Aged 50 plus Begur was an assistant to Johny Lal. He also worked for Dhad Dhad, Srushti, Gup Chup, Abbabba Entha Huduga, Dheera, television serial like Muthina Thorana and a film called Oh Nanna Chetana that had only muhurut Surendranath Begum was the cameraman.

On last Saturday night the noted journalist B.V.Vaikunta Raju of the famous ‘Vara Patrike’ tabloid editor a novelist too died after long illness at Mallige Hospital. B.V.Vaikunta Raju novels ‘Udhbhava’ and ‘Akramana’ were made as films. The film ‘Udhbava’ starring Ananthnag and Balakrishna was runaway hit. The current Devaiah Park Ganesha Temple origin is the crux of this ‘Udbava’ that was directed by Kodlu Ramakrishna.

BV Vaikunta Raju son is Sanath Kumar who produced the film ‘Eddelu Manjunatha’ that saw 100 days and comforted the producer.

Oh God let us not have ‘Shraddanjali’ meetings! Please put a break to deatha!

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