Posted date: 19/November/2008

This is yet another rare development. Producer Shailendra Babu, director Naganna and real star Upendra – the three joining after three years for the third consecutive hit to capture a hat trick is likely to happen with the success of ‘Dubai Babu’ Kannada film. But as of now the trio has joined after three years is news. Upendra also joins his long time friend Kumar Govind in this film. It is after fifteen years they are together in the film and more in store from Uppi and Kumar Govind.

As of now producer Shailendra Babu’s ‘Dubai Babu’ a remake of run away hit Telugu film ‘Dubai Seenu’ has completed 70 percent of shooting. Producer Shailendra Babu’s previous two films in the combination of Upendra and Naganna – Kutumba and Gowramma earned him huge profits but the film made three years ago ‘Ganda Hendathi and a boy friend’ a remake of ‘Murder’ Hindi cinema was a disaster he agrees.

The watchful producer Shailendra Babu has heard not less than 35 straight subjects but they were not positive from the commercial angles. So he picked the ‘Dubai Seenu’ Telugu film that has all the ingredients of a successful cinema. Because ‘Ganda Hendathi’ taught him a lesson. The title of the film was surprising for Babu. One day in the 60 plus days shoot he came to the sets and everyone was saying ‘Dubai Babu’. When Upendra told the ‘Babu’ name is very common and it would catch and remain in the minds it became ‘Dubai Babu’ recalls Shailendra Babu.

What Shailendra Babu has noticed from this film is that shooting in Mumbai is expensive than shooting in foreign location. For 12 days shoot in Mumbai he had to foot the bill of Rs.60 lakhs. A parking of vehicles on roads the unit used to pay Rs.15000 to 20000. Acquiring permission is very tough. Lot of running around has to be done and people know how to snatch money even for small things recalls Babu.

In the original film ‘Dubai Seenu’ the protagonist would not go to Dubai but in Kannada version the protagonist go to Dubai for shoot of half of a song and a very few scenes informs Babu.

Meanwhile ‘Dubai Seenu’ the original film in Telugu was released two years ago was a winner in the box office. Making some nativity changes Shailendra Babu is very happy for the Dwarakish playing an important role. The similar role in original was played by Brahmanandam. For the caliber of Brahmanandam we have found Dwarakishji said Babu.

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