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It is a major coincidence in the career of talented director Manju Swaraj. The 6th film of his career (Shishira, Shravani Subramani, Srikanta, Pataki, Mane Marattakide are his other films) is titled as ‘6 The Koota’ a thriller subject starring Anurag and five friends – all of them are Tent Cinema of Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar acting school.

At Uma Maheshwari Temple Sri Suththur Deshikendra Swamiji graced the muhurut and Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar KCA chairman was present with other guests.

Producer Rajesh son is Anurag making debut. Manju Swaraj narrated three scripts to the youngsters lead by Anurag. They picked this subject. Prajwal, Ravi Tej, Naushad are others picked as of now. It is an experimental commercial film. Six boys are trained first, and then brought in front of the camera for another rehearsal. Only after that the actual shoot commences says Manju Swaraj.

Anurag studied MBA in Surana College, he was in to fashion show, dance and then in Ten Cinema. The dream of coming to cinema started and first he started Gaapa Creations production house. He picked the suspense thriller for his first home production.

Abhimay Roy scoring music for this film is very much guarantees that the film will be received well. He is scoring music for two songs in the film. Basavaraj is editor of this film.

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