Posted date: 07 Fri, Sep 2018 08:27:39 PM

Navarasa Nayaka Jaggesh has done the right justification for the audio launch of his 8MM Kannada film (‘Stray Dog’ inspiration) – What is it you might ask.

As the audio launch is done by a satellite channel, Jaggesh made it a point to highlight on the songs of the film to the media first and then for the television channel program.

The reason behind doing so is that Jaggesh has written one of the songs Jaghave Ghora…that is sung by actor Vasishta N Simha and Narayan Sharma. There are other songs Haniye Hanine….Ardha Chandra…Duniya…with theme and title track.

Jaggesh addressing media on this occasion said that director Harikrishna has given new look and feel for him that is even appreciated by his wife, two sons and other relatives. The music of Juda Sandy is so good and for my Banda Nan Ganda his father played guitar. Juda will be in my team in future. This 8 MM….bullet is a realistic film and that is what scoring well of late in the box office pointed Jaggesh.

Vasishta N Simha just arrived from abroad shoot of Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar cinema is very happy for singing a song penned by Jaggesh. No beard and cop role for Jaggesh film, I was ready because I am great fan of his Eddelu Manjunatha. I had seen 700 times and even do dub smash for the entire film he informed.

Infant Pradeep invoted two of his co producers Salim and Narayan to express satisfaction, Juda Sandy music composer pointed that this film would be milestone in his career.

The lovely looking Mayoori thanked Jaggesh for selecting her to the film. I play Smitha a journalist role. I am waiting to the release of this film mentioned Mayoori.

Adi Lokesh in an important role in this film thanked his fortune because his father last was ‘Tharle Nan Maga’ of Jaggesh, his sister had acted with him. He is fulfilling it in this film although he does not have combination with Jaggesh.

Director Hari Krishna in his debut says he has picked only one line of ‘Stray Dog’ but added complete nativity to it. Action and songs are part of this film ‘8 MM’.

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