Posted date: 29/May/2010

What I earn from acting in other producer films come as investment to my films that are queued up and after finishing the four projects plus the ‘Kichaka’ he has taken advance Veeraswamy Ravichandran – he will be keeping full expansion of his father name who was torch bearer to him from ‘Aase’ film that is aimed at the world audience as the three perspectives could fit into any language.

On the eve of release of ‘Hoo’ the dream merchant Veeraswamy Ravichandran spoke at length on various films that are in his kitty. He has asked his first son who is 23 years of age to work as assistant director from ‘Manjina Hani’ so that he will know cinema before making debut.

I am 49 today and till the completion of 50 I finish my projects and then introduce my son. Then I will not be having any diversion and he is part of my four projects in the technical front. From 50 I will be more responsible and the Ravichandran of all these years you would not find. ‘I have told my family members that I will not lose here afterwards’.

Drawing his attention on his disappointments in life V Ravichandran feels to this day very depressed on the failure of ‘Ekangi’. I had not felt such deeply even when Shanthi Kranthi or Kindara Jogi failed. One this sure I have not made a ‘Durbar’ for my self. I have always wanted grandeur on the screen.

The three perspectives cinema ‘Aase’ will be for the first time in Indian cinema screen. 70 percent of the film will be shown to the audience and their opinions will be taken and remaining 30 percent will be screened. I am sure 101 percent that audience would have good mind work. The eyes and ears will be deceived. This will be my very proud cinema with feel of love and sentiments in tact. There will be only two characters in the whole film.

The audience who go out from the cinema halls cannot tell the story. They would take others to see the cinema once again. What is required today is that even the philosophy should be told with humor and entertainment values. Prior to ‘Aase’ I selected the title as ‘Maaye’. College to aged group would like this film.

The first in introducing the technological advancement V Ravichadnran is going in for Red camera with 4 K resolution. Editing on the spot with smoke machines to suit the DI and he has plans to complete the film in 45 days.

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