Posted date: 23 Wed, Nov 2011 ? 11:01:15 AM

The ‘Chingari’ Kannada film producer Mahadev is literally singing his favorite song of College days ‘Chingari Koi Badke…of Amar Prem starring Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore – he had seen in Sangam theatre in Majestic. Mahadev has plans to place his favorite Hindi song Chingari….in one of the moods of the film.

The reason for Mahadev to smile is from the film ‘Chingari’ starring challenging star Darshan and Daisy Shah a stylish cinema made at a cost of Rs.8 crores. Only one song is balance that Darshan will be appearing in a wig as he has tonsured his head in Thirumala Hills.

I have already got back Rs.2 crores from Television rights and Ashwini Audio is releasing the audio in a grand hotel on January 2. Earlier we thought of releasing the audio with Darshan coming from a helicopter at one of the helipads but we did not get permission.

With one month delay in the finalizing of his product producer Mahadev is not at all worried. He says everything is god sent. From the delay I got benefited as Sarathi has become super hit. This ‘Chingari’ is a stylish different kind of cinema in the career of Darshan. He looks grand in this film and there are seven action scenes in the film states Mahadev.

Producer Mahadev saluted from his right hand keeping the soup cup on the table for actress Bhavana. The item song of Bhavana is a magnificent one. In the Kannada standards no one has done it like that and her performance is also superb. She plays the close aide of Darshan in the film. Bhavana is ‘Bhagirathi’ also. You come and see our film she steals the show. The situation is Darshan character saying that ‘I want to see your beauty’. The song is placed for Bhavana.

Producer Mahadev is a loser from ‘Shishira’ – that is to the tune of R.1.80 crores. I have remained a good friend with the director of the film. He has got all the support he deserved even after the film. I had even paid the last installment of ‘Shishira’ director car. I am quite a different man from others. Mahadev remained so from our observation too in a standing interview on Monday night on the outstanding film ‘Chingari’ according to Mahadev.

Chingari Koi bhadake to savan use bujai….lingers in the memory of producer and so in many others. Anyhow let this ‘Chingari’ also set the box office on fire!

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