Posted date: 13/July/2009

The go getter, terrific worker, abundant quality in writing B Ganapathi’s latest brain child ‘CHITTARA’ film monthly magazine in Kannada is ‘Sogasu, Sambrama, Samrudha, Sundara’ – The Editor of Vijaya Karnataka Mr Vishveswara Bhat disclosed after glancing through the pages on the dais at Bunts Association after the release of the first issue of the magazine brought out by Inmedia Net Work.

‘I have done ‘Upkara’ by not giving job in Vijaya Karnataka when B Ganapathi was in dire streets’ – at the same time I agree my newspaper became poor without such a personality admitted Vishveswara Bhat addressing the gathering. Had he found a place he would not come out with such a lovely magazine ‘Chittara’ said Bhat and referred to his starting days of losing the interview three times in prestigious Prajavani newspaper that ultimately landed him today’s ‘Vijaya Karnataka’ as the Editor. However B Ganapathi has hit a ‘Six’ from this inaugural magazine said Bhattaru.

The chief Editor of ‘Chittara’ Kannada film monthly B Ganapathi recalled his earlier days and ability to build after getting out from one place. Actor Sudeep made a fine statement ‘Iddiddannu Idda Haage Bariri’, the screen charmer Ramya the cover page artist of the first issue of ‘Chittara’ who came with another good looking actress Sharmila Mandre said the next issue of ‘Chittara’ should have the cover page of Sharmila Mandre!

Smt Parvathamma Rajakumar, Raghavendra Rajakumar (he preferred to sit among the audience for his leg pain), Smt.Thara, KCN Chandrasekhar, TS Nagabharana, SK Bhagawan, Sumithra, KSL Swamee, BV Radha and B Ganapathi were on the dais.

Ganesh Krishna’s portrait of Dr.Rajakumar was unveiled by Smt.Parvathamma Rajakumar. Before the release of first issue the cover page of the issue containing a very sweet looking Ramya was unveiled. At the release of first issue on the dais artists Srinagara Kitty, Aishwarya Nag, Prajwal, Meghana Raj, Sunder Raj, Pramila Joshai, Meghana Mudiyan, Nakshatra and Inmedia Networks K.Shivakumar joined the celebration of maiden issue of ‘Chittara’.

Chitratara.com wishes all the best for ‘Chittara’ Kannada film monthly magazine!


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