Posted date: 19/July/2009

Something different outlook makes one go in for many uncalled and unheard situations on screen. The buried body normally removed for some criminal cases in real life is for different purpose in ‘Mad Love’. The protagonist in ‘Mad Love’ wants to have a look at his fiancé who dies even before the interval. So the grave digging is done to have a look. This is so far unheard and unseen on screen. Once buried it is not lifted again from the ground. In the case of electric crematorium what the ‘Mad Lover’ can do?

Director Teja was not available to answer this question but hero cum producer Ram was ready to answer. He says that the film ‘Mad Love’ would be liked for everyone.

Literary personality Doddarange Gowda for the first time appeared on Kannada screen. He has shot for eight days in this film that is having six of his students. The ‘peace’ message he carries in this film.

Music director LN Goochi the small Hanuman admirer said he has to work according to the taste of the youths today. ‘Chapathi making is his situation working in this film’ he said pointing to younger lots.

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