Posted date: 18 Fri, Nov 2011 ? 10:03:42 AM

Rs. 50 lakhs charging hero Yogish alias Loose Madha of Kannada cinema known for weird looks and bony appearance on Kannada screen loses a good offer ‘Pekra’ from editor turned actor and director Nagendra Urs.
This is what Nagendra Urs narrated – I contacted Yogish for ‘Pekra’ Kannada film. I have narrated the script and advance was Rs.5 lakh payment.
Yogish on confirmed his dates after ‘Sidlingu’ and ‘Alemari’ for my film ‘Pekra’. I made an announcement in the last Deepavali festival time and Yogish got angry for this advertisement. Announcement is not made consulting him is his grouse!
It is my film and my producer and my direction and I need not have to ask Yogish to give announcement. It is only after confirmation that I announced ‘Pekra’. I got a feeler that Yogish was not happy and when I contacted him on telephone he was not picking the phone.
‘I told him straight when I met him – at the start if you are not picking my phone and having differences then you may return the advance money of Rs. 5 lakhs’. Yogish agreed to my request.
Yogish did not have the money immediately as he has used it for ‘Sidlingu’ shooting purpose. He is returning the advancement payment shortly stated Nagendra Urs.

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