Posted date: 19/July/2011

Talent is hidden. That has to be excavated. That is what noted producer of 32 films the high ranking producer Ramu has done now.
Just two films as dialogue writer Anilkumar has been chosen to director the top actress Malashri from ‘Shakthi’ is a big task and a good identification of talent.

Producer Ramu hearing the dialogues of one of his films was thrilled with Anilkumar. For the one line story written by Anilkumar the major push was given by producer Ramu. He was asked immediately to prepare a good job. It happened after two months from Anilkumar.

For the Gandhian principles, Subhash Chandra Bose principle is mixed. Things explained very softly it is not accepted. We are fighting against Gomukhavyagras, Brashtachara. The shoot for ‘Shakthi’ will be held in one schedule in Mysore, Mandya, Maddur, Hyderabad. It is Shakthi and Yukthi of Malashri that counts well in the film. There are five action scenes and one song. I have the ‘Hemme and Jawabdari’ give me ‘Sahakara’ says Anilkumar.

As the ‘Veeru’ got delayed because of the graphics work actress Malashri started off with ‘Shakthi’. The only preparations I have made is slimming down. Action is nothing new to me stated Malashri. This is challenging and the style of scenes and dialogues are good. Thriller Manju, Ravi Verma, Ram Lakshman, are composing stunts. Thriller Manju is not new to our banner. He treats me like a child in action portions disclosed Malashri. This is my 8th film with my husband stated Malashri.

Thriller Manju is impressed with the good screenplay. Ramu banner means no compromise. The lavishness and attitudes are always good. Sudhakar says this is a high voltage action package.

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