Posted date: 6/May/2010

The divine belief is that a crow is in the form of those who have left us. A small offering of food is also made everyday in the religious houses.

When Dr Vishnuvardhana wife Dr Bharathi and son in law Anirudh addressed the media around 1 pm on a sunny Wednesday afternoon a crow took its stand just above the portrait of Dr Vishnuvardhana and just in front of it sat his wife and son in law.

The crow stood there for a few minutes and moved away was noticed. Perhaps this has not come to the notice of Dr Bharathi and Anirudh. www.chitratara.com editor R Manohar observed this peculiar moment and caught in his camera.

The individual attention was given to everyone who came to the house by Dr Bharathi Vishnuvardhana. Those said it is not possible to have the lunch they were forced to have lunch.

It is at this place media had a good time with Dr Vishnuvardhana in last year October. The unforgettable moments came to the memory and for the media friends who came to have last darshan of Dr Vishnu on 30th December 2009 it was a touching moment.

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