Posted date: 06 Wed, Jun 2018 08:00:16 AM

Director Dayal Padmanabhan is known for his brilliant works and it continued on last Monday night at Kalavidara Sangha auditorium for his ‘Aa Karala Rathri’ trailer and song release.

The event was special not because Dayal Padmanabhan turned emotional but because he was in the midst of his Guru and Shishya. The anchor of the audio evening Naveen Krishna in Budbudke costume and good Kannada was as attractive as the costume of Anupama Gowda, heroine of the film.

There are three mentors for Dayal in his life – one is Upendra, second one is Hamsalekha and third one is Naga. He had super star Upendra with whom he worked in dialogue department for H20 Tamil version. Dayal Shishya is R Chandru and his presence was also his proud moment.

Dayal is very confident on investment of all his earnings on ‘Aa Karaala Rathri’. In case I lose, it will be on a good film is what he consoled to himself. Writer of this film script Mohan Habbu appreciated the work of Dayal Padmanabhan. Last forty minutes of the film is a bench mark cinema , this film would excavate the acting talent in JK and Anupa Gowda promised Dayal.

Super star Upendra felt happy for the work of Dayal and he appreciated the team effort of this ‘Aa Karala Rathri’. The protagonist of the film JK was very happy for the presence of Upendra whom he adored from the days of watch ‘A’. JK explained how he used to get scold at home for behaving like Upendra. For ‘Aa Karaala Rathri’ hero is Dayal and heroine is PKH Doss mentioned JK.

Naveen Krishna dialogue writer and actor in the film expressed his satisfaction of work with the team.

Anupa Gowda looking like a fresh flower was extremely happy working for this film. What Dayalji explained the similar has come on screen lauded Anupama Gowda.

Music director Ganesh Narayan welcomed his music team members and delivered the Mankuthimmana Kagga lines and new addition to it done by Thangali Nagaraj.

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