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Title – Aadi Purana, Producer – K Shamanth, Direction – Mohan Kamakshi, Music – Vikram Vasishta, Chandana and Siddarth Kamath, Cinematography – Guruprasad MG, Cast – Shashank, Ahalya Suresh, Moksha Kushal, Nagendra Shah, Dr Vatsala Mohan, Shakthivel and others

First of all there is nothing wrong in the film narration of 121 minutes – the hullaballoo at the censor is something disgusting for the film. The package is pleasant, family view film and naughtiness is mistaken by censor board it seems.

Censor trouble for this film was not called for. It is a neatly planned, serene narration style of Mohan Kamakshi. The young blood of 24 years age group is shown in controlled style.

The biggest hall mark of this film is the road side advice given by Rangayana Raghu smelling something fishy from protagonist.

Otherwise one handsome boy, two lovely looking heroines make this film a pleasant drive of two hours. Knowing the urgency of son Aadi (Shashank) his father immediately arrange for marriage to a beautiful Ramya (Ahalya Suresh) – a bharatanatyam exponent.

The marriage ritual of the two is something you cherish for long as the customs are so well handled. As for as sharing the lust between the two it is ten days gap because of zodiac signs saying something. After that the periods and soon the ‘Ashada Maasa’ never allow this young couple to enjoy sex.

The delay in what he wants makes this young guy to look at the beautiful girl senior to him in the office Disha (Moksha Kushal). He almost tries to fulfill his lust on acceptance with Disha but safety measures makes Aadi to trace a medical shop. What happens then you have to watch it on screen.

Handsome hunk Shashank has given a good performance, he looks sweet on screen, but the beauties Ahalya and Moksha arrest the attention.

The film should have reached heights with some beautiful music. When there are beautiful girls and handsome boy there was scope for a few melodies. Cinematography is adequate and pleasant to eyes.

This is an easy watch. Mohan Kamakshi never harms your brains and hearts!

Rating:3/5 ***

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