Posted date: 03 Wed, Jul 2019 03:25:15 PM

The state award winning music director Poornachandra Thejaswi has come up with ‘Hadio’ audio company of his own and released the songs of ‘Aadisi Nodu Beelisi Nodu’ via Google lens technology.

There is no CD of Pen Drive. There is just a card of gift voucher size and one has to open the mobile Goggle lens and scan the card – this would take you to You Tube where the tucked songs, trailer etc appear.

Poornachandra Thejaswi also a software engineer by profession giving many hits in Kannada as music director has developed it is a boon for the future. For preparing the card it is just around rupees three and the comeback for the music via listeners is also not immediate. It is only after a long period. Poornachandra Thejaswi has released films like Vajra, Amaravathi and a few others in ‘Hadio’ banner. The songs of ‘Adisiodu Bilisinodu’ was crazy ones according to Poonachandra Thejaswi.

The team of ‘Aadisi Nodu Beelisi Nodu’ invited Abhinaya Chatura Ninasam Satish for the launch of songs in new pattern. Speaking on this welcome step Ninasam Satish told the new producers to come prepared for all otherwise they have to become like him – referring to Rocket film production that loss snatched three years of him and put him way behind.

Manoj Srihari is story, dialogue writer and director. A big fan of Upendra has agreed that he has done a confusing screenplay. For that he has put up a statement ‘Buddivantharige Arpane’. At the time of working as music composer for ‘Care of Footpath 2’ – the level of taking the film to Oscar inspired him to take up new ventures in Kannada. This is a multilayer cinema he says. The shoot was held for 45 days in Kashmir.

Manu from Haasan is the producer. He thought of 35 lakhs but it went up to Rs.90 lakhs. Shivaprasad and Mohan are joint producers of this film.

The prominent actor of this film in cop role is Rajesh Nataranga. It is only chief guest Ninasam Satish remembered Rajesh Nataranga and no one else. Adarsha in lead role while Asha Bhandari is playing reporter role in her third film, Kavya is in an interesting role. Somu has a different role in this film.

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