ACT 1978 IS AMAZING AND ALERTING- Rating 4.5/5 ****
Posted date: 20 Fri, Nov 2020 09:52:28 AM

Duration – 127 minutes 39 seconds, Category – Thriller with social cause, Rating – 4.5/5

Title – ACT 1978, Producer – Devaraj, Direction – Mansore, Cinematography – Sathya Hegde, Music – Rahul Shivakumar, Cast – Yagna Shetty, Pramod Shetty, Shobharaj, B Suresha, Achyuth Kumar, Avinash, Shruthi, Dattanna, Sudha Belawadi, Krishna Hebbal, PD Satish, Sharanya Sharan, Raghu Shivamogga, Sampath Kumar and others.

This is the best of state, national and international acclaim director Mansore. He was in a trunk full of emotions in ‘Harivu’, the second film ‘Nathicharami’ jumped to family emotions and this one is with a lorry load of emotions and action precisely conceived for the nation best.

Corruption to the hilt is seen in government offices. Master Hirannaiah ‘Lanchavathara’ stage play made a long beating but it all went on the deaf ears.

This is what ‘Act 1978’ gives with a narrow shade of ‘Tabarana Kathe’ (Tabara roaming for his pension) and ‘Nishkarsha’ (in place of pigeons here it is a loudspeaker to fool) elements peeping inside the film. Full marks to producer Devaraj and as he rightly said the subject is ‘Super Star’ of this film.

Without any second thought one can buy the ticket and watch this film with family. It is a must for all government employees and it would strike any stony heart.

Watching this film at least 10 percent of corruption crime comes down – it is a big boon for the film. Mansore and team making this film in a short span of time and giving best results is sure to get good returns in the box office.

A right film at the right time as the corruption has not stopped even after ‘Corona’ lessons – every individual should follow the principles of protagonist ‘Geetha’ (Yagna Shetty) that I WON'T GIVE BRIDE NOR DON’T ACCEPT Bribe’.

A corruption free status in the society is nothing but the ‘Rama Rajya’ as envisaged by the father of the nation ‘Mahatma Gandhi’. Everyone who is not giving bribe should feel proud and anyone taking bribe should feel ashamed.

The first Kannada film to release after eight months of lock down due to CoronaVirus is the best one to get an audience to theatres – that is because of the essential contents told in a gripping and touching style.

In a nutshell the film is all about a single woman Geetha, a pregnant lady tying human bomb and an old man B Suresha entering the ‘Raitha Abhivruddi Vyavasaya Ilakhe’ and the department with a dozen are kept as hostage locking from inside.

Why does Geetha take this extreme step? It is because her father died falling from a coconut tree. The Act of government gives compensation of Rs.2 lakhs when a farmer dies in such a situation. In addition to this pain the husband of Geetha died climbing a hump on a road that is not given zebra line marking. To save her husband in death bed, Geetha runs from pillar to post to get compensation. CORRUPTION makes her take extreme steps to meet her demands.

The high point of this film is that every character of the film is beautifully conceived and all of them portraying brilliantly.

The first credit and some awards at state and national level should come to actress Yagna Shetty. She gives a thunderous performance. B Suresha next with a spectacle that has only one string is excellent and he has only one dialogue ‘Anjali’ in the film.

Pramod Shetty is brilliant, Avinash and Achyuth Kumar makes a cake walk, Dattanna, Shruthi, Sudha Belawadi, Bala Rajawadi, Krishna Hebbal, PD Satish, Sampath Kumar, Raghu Shivamogga – are apt and amazing in their performance.

The opening song of the film sets the right mood for the film. Cinematography of Sathya Hegde easily deserves a few awards. The editing is a bit slow at places. The dialogues are well thought out for this film.

On the excellence part of the film is one more – This is the right film for the students of cinema to learn on various topics.

Keep aside Corona fear and watch this film without fail. All in corrupt practices open your eyes towards humanity!

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