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On the third day of release of ‘Adhyaksha in America’ the team has declared it pretty good in box office and success with the tremendous response received so far.

The film ‘Adhyaksha in America’ is also not left out from piracy. The whole film AA is now spread in social media and the team has taken serious action contacting the cyber crime branch. The anti piracy squad of Hyderabad that is functioning in Bengaluru is also removing the pirated version of the film in the social media. It is so sad that the ‘Team and Time’ of the well running Kannada film is targeted by piracy operators. We would strike at the person who has done it and teach a lesson observes the team on the sorrow side of the film.

At the Cidatel Hotel on Sunday evening producer TG Vishwaprasad, Smt Vandana, Executive producer Vijaya, Sharan, Ragini Dwivedi, director Yoganand Muddan addressed the media.

I had ‘Yoga’ to direct my first film with Sharan and now the success has given me ‘Ananda’ stated Yoganand Muddan. When the ‘Team and Time’ is good film like ‘Adhyaksha in America’ happens stated Yogaand Muddan. The response is tremendous in Mysuru and Mandya when artists thronged the theatre he mentioned. Yoganand Muddan mentioned the name of Kirti Prasad for taking care at the USA shooting. It was so systematic and it deserved applaud for taking the task at young age by Kirti Prasad. Making arrangements for abroad shooting is what others should learn from young Kirti Prasad told Yoganand Muddan.

Vijaya Executive producer stated that we have worked as one team first and first thanks should go to Sharan. I am there always was the strength we got. The audience at theatres in Mysuru and Mandya saying A Ulllas or O Ullas shows how they have liked the film she mentioned.

Vandana Prasad who plays the advocate opposite to Rangayana Raghu in the film was worried in the beginning. It is a role of breaking marriages which is not my forte in real life surprised my friends for taking up such a dark shade role she explained.

Producer Vishwaprasad looking gleeful for the response the film has got said it is altogether different kind of profession of him. It is the passion kept me going. The film handled well by the team he stated. Vishwaprasad was not happy with the Telugu version of this film (Two Countries – Malayalam original), now Kannada response has made me happy he said.

I had butterflies in my stomach when the film was about to release. Now everything is cool. All around there is good response. I had not expected such a response for my response stated Ragini Dwivedi. The best chemistry with Sharan, with Yoganand Muddan worked out. Producer passion in fact made all of us to reach such results stated Ragini Dwivedi.

Sharan thanking for the response expressed his surprise when the date of success meet was fixed even before the release date of the film. The film had not released and I had message of success meet on 6th. I was wondering what happens in case of something went wrong. Nothing happened and it is very nice response he said.

My parents and family members watched the film on the first day first show. A few were complaining that their muscles in the face are paining for continuous laugh. On the other hand my parent’s legends in acting said that I should select this kind of film and story line. I was sitting with Dhruva Sarja at the first day first show at Anupama and in the interval I started getting pain in my right knee. Later I realized that Dhruva was patting me from his hand at comedy situations. Sharan thanked Ragini for being part. He is happy because from this film ‘Adhyakshini’ taken birth. It is because of Ragini 10 long years experience, she was able to contribute so good to the film stated Sharan.

Sharan also made humble request for people in the social media not to watch pirated versions. Only when you stop watching the makers would keep quiet he pointed.

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