Posted date: 26/July/2011

The Akila Karnataka Shivarajakumar Sena Samithi headed by BP Thyagaraj, T Narayan, R Vijayakumar organized a pleasant felicitation evening.

Although the program began a little late the cultural show of Indusri with talking doll focusing on Shivarajakumar alone was something special on this occasion. For the dancing troupe the hip hop, break and contemporary dance the dancing hero too of Kannada cinema Shivarajakumar stood up and clapped for the ability and strength.

The audio visual presentation was another surprise on the evening. Shivarajakumar Sena Samithi invited Dr Srinath and his wife, Ambika, Krishnamurthy as chief guests on this occasion.

Singeetham Srinivasa Rao, Raghavendra Rajakumar, MS Rajasekhar, Smt Rani Rajasekhar, Producer Ramu, R Srinivas, director MS Ramesh received the honors. Due to tight schedule Om Prakash Rao, Rakshita and Prem did not turn up.

Actress Ambika was given the mike but not Dr Srinath. Ambika remembered that Srinath is responsible for her entry to Kannada films. I am fan of Jogi song on mother. It is my caller tune disclosed Ambika. I have acted in two of your 100 films she reminded and wished magnificent life in the coming years.

I was not experienced yet I got opportunity in ‘Anand’ with Shivarajakumar was my fortune stated Sudharani. Pooja Gandhi was present with Radhika Gandhi. Pooja sung a few lines of ‘Santha’ film song of Shivarajakumar. Sa Ra Govindu wished Shivarajakumar would grow bigger than his father Dr Rajakumar.

Poster designer of earlier days CHinnappa, social servant Kaviraj and journalist colleague Sadashiva Shenoy were feted on this occasion with 50 others.

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