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Amaranath MH (MH for Malavalli Huchche Gowda) born 29 May 1952 at Maddur Taluk in Mandya District turned Ambarish from ‘Nagarahavu’ of doyen of Kannada cinema SR Puttannakanagal in which Sampathkumar became Vishnuvardhana in the last 38 years of film career completing 200 films has grown in political field with the charismatic image of ‘Mandyadha Gandu’.

Ambarish the rebel star of Kannada cinema is a man of butter heart and fighter for social justice in his films. Coined as ‘Dhanashoora Karna’ former union minister of information broadcasting is the pillar of Kannada cinema industry occupies the third position in Kannada cinema after Dr Rajakumar and Dr Vishnuvardhana.

The winner of NTR award a few years back is known as ‘Shatrugna Sinha’ shot gun Sinha of Kannada cinema. The bold and dashing statements of Ambarish have given him respect and clean heart person image. Ambarish was crowned the lifetime achievement award by the Film Fare.

Stories of his humility and goodness are many as – as many as those about his unpunctuality. The reason for unpunctuality is because of his work pressure. Though he has not won many awards for his performances he is an immensely popular actor with good record at the box office. In short, his name sells in the urban and rural areas.

The man who was a real ruffian on the streets, suddenly found himself leaping in to the camera frame and doing the same act in reel life. He is Ambarish alias Mandyadha Gandu, MH Amaranath – Malavalli Huchche Gowda Amaranath in the records born on May 29, 1952 in Maddur Taluk of Mandya Taluk and became famous in India.

Ambarish is the grandson of legendary violist T Chowdiah (the violin shaped Chowdaiah Memorial Hall near Sankey Tank in Malleswaram is built in his Chowdaiah name)

When heroes were getting softer like butter Ambarish swung in with his solid rock personality in the seventies. He swore and snarled, teased girls and beat up good men, he played the villain to the hilt, and he became the best with his blood shot eyes and macho looks. The best baddie later turned as hero.

It was ‘Antha’the violent political super hit that really pushed Ambarish to the top as Kannada number one hero. But like everything else, his image of the ‘rebel star’ has been around too long. This is not to say that he only played anti establishment roles. He has played out of the character roles like in Yelu Suttina Kote, Hrudaya Hadithu and a couple of comedy films.

‘I have never faced competition and Ambarish is what Ambarish’. The actor told long ago when he was lauded for roles like Ranganayaki, Masanadha Hoovu, Hridaya Hadithu etc. No one can take away popularity. I am a super survivor. My films make money, producers are delighted and offers keep coming he disclosed in one of his interviews when he was at the peak.

When he won the elections of 12th Lok Sabha in 1998, 13th Lok Sabha 14th Lok Sabha and became minister of state for information and broadcasting which he resigned protesting against the Cauvery water dispute Ambarish maintained on thing. I am in this position of fame and name only because of films. I have won the love and affection of the people. Wherever I go, people notice me and salute me. This may not happen to say even a top industrialist like Tata or Birla. Real satisfaction lies here when people recognize wherever you go and shower you with their love.

Ambarish from the land of sugarcane is like sweet sugar to his fans. Even if he scolds them in high temper they love him. From Janata Dal he won the MP seat from Mandya and later joined the Indian National Congress. He has not switched his loyalty event though he has close friends in all the political parties. He has lost the May 2009 General elections to Lok sabha and even as MLA from Srirangapatna he lost the Assembly seat.

Amarish married to actress Sumalatha on 8th December 1991 is blessed with a son Abhisekh who is in higher education. It was ‘Karnana Sampathu’ Kannada film that was made on the life sketch of the popular actor.

Ambarish wife Sumalatha entering the filmdom in 1980’s has acted in over 175 films in Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam films. New Delhi, Poovana Tambigal, Neerakute, Isabella, No. 20, Madras Mail, thalavaram, Parampara, Yee Kannutha Veluppan Kalattha etc. In Hindi Sumalatha acted in Pardeshi, Kshatriya, Swarag Yaha Narak Yaha etc.

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