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Title – Amma I Love You, Producer – Dwarakish and Yogish, Direction – KM Chaitanya, Music – Gurukiran, Cinematography – Shekar  Chandra, Cast – Chiranjeevi Sarja, Nishvika, Sithara, Prakash Belawadi, Avinash, Kari Subbu, Chikkanna, Biradar, Bengaluru Nagesh, B Jaya, Giri Dwarakish, Ravi Kaale and others.


What a wonderful emotion packed commercial entertainer from Dwarakish Chitra. This is the best of Chiranjeevi Sarja although it is a remake of ‘Pichchakkaran’, it is a tribute to mother from this film team.


As a matter of fact father is always opinion after birth of a child. It is only mother throughout. Fortunately all males have worked immensely hard for this ‘Amma I Love You’.


You would love every frame of this entertainer. KM Chaitanya has taken very good acting from every artist and makes it a neat entertainer.


The Kannada cinema industry has got a charming heroine Nishvika Naidu. She is very good in looks, height and in performance she has left a strong footprint to climb very high.


What is this ‘Amma I Love You’? It is about son of a business tycoon family becoming a ‘Beggar’ for the good health of his mother. How does this happen? In the Annapurneshwari Garment Factory mother Annapoorna (Sithara) meets with an accident. That is on the day of introduction and handing over of the business affairs to son Siddu alias Siddarth (Chiranjeevi Sarja).


Choked in emotions Siddu gives all kinds of treatment to get his mother out of coma condition. A priest of high profile (played by Avinash) predict 48 days tough task. Accordingly 48 days Siddu should remain a beggar renouncing all his aristocracy in life. What have you given for your mother asks the priest.


With such high life it takes a few days for Siddu to get in to this task for getting his mother back to normalcy in life. The 48 days is like a penance for him. Every day he should beg and filling his stomach he has to put the money to the temple ‘Hundi’. Next day morning he has to do the same.


In this process he finds the truth of life. Money is not important but humanity is more important is stressed in not just one situation but several situations rather convincingly. How Siddu marches with toughness, people he encounter, the love affair etc follows.


It is Chiranjeevi Sarja all the way. This is best so far in the career from ‘Vayuputra’. His emotions and action is terrific. He has struggled hard. He can announce this film has gift to his just married wife Meghana Raj.


Dwarakish Chitra has given Shruthi from ‘Shruthi’ Kannada cinema and after that a few more were introduced. In this film the ravishing beauty with sense of acting is found in new heroine Nishvika. Giri Dwarakish as Rajesh has given a complacent performance.


Avinash is grand again. Prakash Belawadi gives a terrific performance, Kari Subbu as driver taking revenge on Prakash Belawadi gets applaud, the performance of Vyjyanath Biradar, Chikkanna, Bengaluru Nagesh (after a long time we see him on screen) are too good in their performance.


Sithara as mother is exceptionally good, Ravi Kaale, Saradr Sathya and rabble rousers also gives lighter moments.


Gurukiran coming back after a long gap has given all fresh tunes – four of the five are superb. Eththuthaaro …..Amma title song, Nee Yaaro Nanage….and Sadhu Kokila song title tracks are worth hearing again.


Shekar Chandru cinematography is like ‘Benne Biscuit’ – so clean, sweet and tidy. Editing is well done; dialogues are apt for the film.


This is a film you have to watch with your mother but don’t forget to take your father. This is a wholesome family entertainer.


Score – 4/5

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