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Title – Ammana Mane, Producer – Smt Atmasri, Nikil Manju, Direction – Nikil Manju, Music – Sameera Kulkarni, Cinematography – PVR Swamy, Cast – Raghavendra Rajakumar, Rohini, Nikil Manju, Sheetal, Manasi, Venkat Rao and others.

‘Amma Ninna Edeyaladalli Galakke Sikka Meenu….is one of the famous songs (penned by BR Lakshman Rao) in Kannada reminds in your memory after watching this sacrifice saga of mother and son to the core.

What you get in life, you have to pay back in life. The film ‘Ammana Mane’ a return of pillar of Dr Rajakumar family Raghavendra Rajakumar is well derived emotional package. What son Rajiva suffers from childhood, his mother suffers when age catches up. Both stand as pillar to each other showing extreme affection and love.

This is a film that is made keeping in mind living condition of Raghavendra Rajakumar. He has given an immaculate performance with great support from others in the film.

Director Nikil Manju wins your hearts, makes you collect tears, very neatly advice the people on what you should under such circumstances. He even gives an answer to ‘Head weight’ in life. No doubt that ‘Ammana Mane’ is one of the best emotional films on silver screen.

Rajiva as a child is handicap is a big pain to his father because he cries often. His mother Janaki never gives up his son. At one stage the crying of Rajiva separate his father and mother. Rajiva mother gives up her job for the sake of looking after the ailing son. She stands as rock pillar to him in life. As he grows Rajiva becomes a school teacher and get married. He is blessed with a girl child. The life goes on as Rajiva daughter grows up not with ease.

Rajiva and his mother Janakamma are very strong in mindset. So is the daughter Shive in the house. In one of the rare situations Rajiva daughter Shive is not able to get admission to the college because of ATM having no money. This is a disturbing situation in the house. Shive loses her temper and this is what Rajiva is not able to digest so easily.

Not giving up his daughter on the one side, he takes up the ATM having no money seriously and wages a lone battle. On compassionate ground Rajiva case is admitted in the court. Rajiva argues his case and gets justice for his daughter admission. Around this time Janakamma falls sick with a stroke.

An affectionate wife of Rajiva stands by him in giving right treatment to Janakamma. Now it is one more ruckus from daughter Shive that points to extreme decision in the life of Rajiva. When his daughter demand that grandmother nuisance in house is intolerable the decision to admit Janakamma to Old Age home is taken. There is a twist at this point of time that you have to watch it on silver screen.

Raghavendra Rajakumar returning after 14 years has lived to the role and dialogues for his role are well written. Nikil Manju as inspector in the film has given striking performance, there is bit of over acting from Rohini as Janakamma, in the wife role Manasi is extremely good, Sheetal as daughter of Rajiva has great future ahead.

Sameera Kularni has given a melody with meaningfully written lines in ‘Amma song’. PVR Swamy has given very knowledgeable work from his camera.

There is no reason for you to miss this film ‘Ammana Mane’ – this is Mane Mane Kathe!

Rating:4/5 ****

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