Posted date: 05 Mon, Aug 2019 10:23:15 AM

It is not ‘Arjun Reddy’ Telugu remake but swamake says director Lucky Shanker on this 39th film of Ramu Enterprises ‘Arjun Gowda’.  Prajwal starring film with Priyanka (of Ganapa fame) is almost ready. Another schedule of shoot at abroad will be soon completed.

It was my dream to work with prestigious banner of Ramu Enterprises says director Shanker.  We have shot so far for 75 days and 45 artists are part of this film. The film is about head of TV channel played by Sparsha Rekha and her son Prajwal. Prajwal has three shades in this film. I should thank producer Ramu because it is from him I learnt the habit of thinking big and dreaming big says Shanker. For three minutes action portion 50 bikes were pressed in to action remembered Shanker.

Noted producer of Kannada cinema agrees that it is only action films in his career have given a good business. This is once again action and team members have put in good effort he says. Shanker has been regularly coming to office in the last four years and his narration impressed me said Ramu.

Kittappa is editor, Jai Anand handled camera, Dharma Vish scored music for this film.

Sparsha Rekha was waiting to act in the banner of Ramu Enterprises. She heads a TV media house in this film and mother to Prajwal Devaraj. Priyanka chubby cheek heroine of the film feels happy for big banner and for her portions in the film. Prakash Natana is in his 50th film. Raghavendra Kamath has written two songs, Anand Audio Shyam says Ramu Enterprises is like family for him.

Prajwal Devaraj with scores of films on hand is in his 3rd film with Ramu Enterprises. He is very happy for the opportunity and dancing portions in the film he enjoyed. He is soft, rugged and jolly going in three shades of his film. There is kick boxing too in this film finds it interesting for Prajwal. Prajwal father dynamic star Devaraj acted in a few films of Ramu banner.

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