Posted date: 29 Sat, Feb 2020 06:05:30 PM

Duration -  131 minutes, Category – Action, Rating – 3/5

Title – Asura Samhara, Producer  - Hariprasad RC, Direction – Pradeep Urs, Cameraman – Pravin Shetty, Music – Loki. Cast - Harsha Aras, Harshal Hani, Dharma, Ravichandra, Veena Sunder, Shivu Balaji, Ashwini, Haribrahma, Deeksha Shetty, News Prakash and others are in the cast. 

A young team led by Pradeep Urs and Harsha Urs come up with an imaginary punishment to rapists in the Kannada film ‘Asura Samhara’. Most of the crew newcomers have shown strong mindset in shaping up this film.

Director Pradeep insists on serious law to the rapists in the society. This is yet another film on the ‘Atyachara’ in society. They are like ‘Asuras’ and ‘Samhara’ is the only option. He also vouches for strengthening of the law for such persons. Dr Ambedkar had told that the necessary change had to be done as years pass. So what are we waiting for to give stringent punishment rapists in the society asks Pradeep.

There is ‘Anna Thangi’ bondage in this film ‘Asura Samhara’ and set at middle class environ. The common people should get justice is the appeal this film makes at the outset. Among other highlights the film is not showcasing any bloodshed and vulgarity. In that way the film has shown social responsibility.

Hariprasad as hero and producer has worked hard and he is promising. Harshal in her first film has extended good cooperation. Kannada cinema industry has got a promising ‘Sister’ in Deeksha Shetty from this film.

Dharma veteran actor is back from this film. He has an emotional role in the film. Shivu Balaji of Dress Code film is in villain role.


Cameraman Loki has not fallen behind in giving tolerable tunes in this film. Pravin Shetty cameraman of this film has showcased his strength throughout the film.


A film with social concern is a good attempt indeed.

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