Posted date: 19/March/2010

In the teens this Muslim girl Ayesha who believes in being good and doing good comes up in a full fledged action cinema ‘Jayahe’ in the direction of Thriller Manju the big name in Kannada cinema.

Ayesha learning Karate from age one with many students learning Karate from her learnt the Karate art form from her father Habeeb who is a businessman in hotel and tourism.

Ayesha made debut in ‘Shabdha’ in Kannada when she was 12 years and now returns in ‘Jayahe’ where she is in five stunning action scenes. A zero abs actress who has put on lot of weight as she was admitted to hospital for last one month Ayesha eats lot of fruits and a little of rice to keep her physique fit.

As a traditional Muslim girl Ayesha with mother, sister and brother in the house says she does not wear ‘Burqa’. My mother stopped wearing it after marriage and we have freedom in the house. I believe in the religion but Quran not vouch for it. Humanity is being good is what I learnt from Quran says Ayesha who appeared for the media meet with skin tight black costume. Most of them are woman who come to learn Karate with Ayesha to get the self protection.

Karate Don No.2 is the stage of Ayesha. She has many stages in the art and it is difficult to achieve everything she says. Karate knowledge in ‘Jayahe’ has certainly helped me but the stunts in the cinema are different she says.

A resident of Thirupathi Ayesha is studying in the final year commerce degree. She often goes to Thirumala Hills but noticed lot of Hindus going to Dargah than Muslims. She has three offers in Kannada and Malashri and Vijayashanthi are her idols.

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