Posted date: 19/November/2008

In the horrible traffic day for Bangalore citizens the media meet of Kannada film ‘Dubai Babu’ also got affected severely. The attendance from the film team came at regular intervals. The two heroines of the film Nikitha and Saloni got down from the production vehicle near Cauvery theatre and walked for a while to catch an auto reach Atria Hotel.

Since it was free in the afternoon for Upendra he rushed to Atria Hotel quickly with Kumar Govind, cameraman Anil Jhaveri too following him. After the trio addressed the media director Naganna somehow made it to the press meet but when producer Shailendra Babu, Dwarakish turned up it was almost 9 pm.

Kumar Govind returning back in Upendra film after 15years almost finishing his film ‘Sathya’ in the last two years was looking extremely happy because he got a phone call from Upendra to accept this role. I am excited and happy. After working for this film I have revived my dream of doing something big with Upendra. I need the cooperation of Uppi. For a risky script with unique and creative style I want him to join me he said. I want him to take the entire responsibility explained Kumar Govind.

After Kutumba and Gowramma working for Shailendra Babu Production with Naganna the expectation of hat trick should take place is what Upendra feels. Dwarakish is playing a major role in this film and Kumar Govind who looked after me once upon a time is back in the film. He is responsible for Sh….after ‘Tharle Nan Maga’. He has accepted the offer out of my affection. He plays a very important role and that is a turning point in the film. Saloni is his partner in the film. Upendra took more than three minutes in the media address because he wanted to speak till the produce or director arrives on the scene.

70 percent of shooting of ‘Dubai Babu’ has been completed in places like Mysore, Bangalore and Mumbai. For two songs we are planning to go to Europe. This is a good package of comedy, sentiment, entertainment and songs. Half of the song shot at Mumbai would be matched in Somnathpura temple Upendra explained the progress made by the film. He has also written two songs and film would have very good curiosity and it has good ‘Tamashe’ too he said. The film speed is also good. We have shot in good speed for the film. There is very good expectation from this film in the box office felt Upendra.

At this time director Naganna joined the media briefing. He was wearing a cap that had numerical 95 printed on it. Hat trick is looked from this film running to 100 days but you have five short of 100 was the joke on that evening that Naganna understood quickly. According to him by first week of December ‘Dubai Babu’ will be over. The original story is not touched but nativity adjustments have made says Naganna.

Cameraman Anil Jhaveri a long associate to his brother cameraman Thomas Jhaveri is making debut in Kannada. According to different situations in the film he has used the lighting for the film. He has brought all the camera equipment from Hyderabad as none of the equipments are available in Kannada today because of the hectic shooting going on. Anil entered the film field in 1983 and worked on his own in films like Hum to Mohabbat karega, Julie and a few Marathi films. He thanked the cooperation of Upendra specially. When the lighting was ready Upendra used to come and take a look from camera angle and appreciate him.

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