Posted date: 20 Wed, Nov 2019 10:09:29 AM

The Kannada film ‘Baddimang Lifu’ is interesting because it is based on the ‘Interest and compound interest’ in the society!

Only when the film is viewed the actual interesting factor doles out. As of now terrific actor Bala Rajawadi is the one who collects interest lending money. We have seen Baddi Bangaramma, here it is ‘Baddi Basappa’.

This ‘Baddi Vyapaara (taking loans and giving loans)’ never moves out from the life of middle and poor section of the society. When the loan is taken the interest is a must first and when they fail to return the loan amount what happens?

Baddi Magal Life documents all of them. It is also based on known people tribulations says the directors Pawan Kumar and Prasad. Pawan Kumar is investing money in Green Chilly Entertainment, he is also doing editing. 70 percent of shooting was held at Chamundi Hills and rest in Mysuru and Mandya.

A Brahmin boy always timid in the house is terror outside. That is Sachin Sridhar. Daughter of village Gowda is Aishwarya Rao. Baddi Basappa is actor Balarajavadi – heroine father.

In the comedy track is Rajanikanth who is not worried about making loans. Loan collector is Arjun Suhas. State award winning music composer has also come before the camera for this film. He is the one who signs as surety and get locked. To get natural feel for the film the street side beggars are also given chance to act.

For four songs Ashik Arjun composed music, for promotional song Poornachandra Thejaswi tuned a song. Avith is cameraman, Sachin Kumar is dance director.

Already the song sung by Navin Sajju ‘En Chandanotako…has gone viral. The regional censor has not applied scissors and given clean U certificate. The simplicity of life is depicted in this film that is set for release.

Vijay Films is distributing this film from 6th of December.

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