Posted date: 25/December/2008

The non Kannada singers have dominated despite of Raghu Dixit ‘Psycho’ making big news. There are memorable songs in the year. Take a look:

The best songs that are hit of the year are from the films of Gaja, Gaalipata, Nanda Nanditha, Budhivantha, Psycho and Mussanje Mathu. It is newcomer Sridhar strikes from two lovely songs from ‘Mussanje Mathu’, Emil for his one best song Jhinke Marina…..Raghu Dixit for ‘Psycho’ film song Nina Poojege Bandhe Madesha… Arjun for Kushiyagide song from Taj Mahal, V.Harikrishna for Minchagi Nee Baralu and Nadhim Dheem Thana….in Galipata, Vijay Anthony although lifted from other films in ‘Budhivantha’ he struck a gold with four songs – chitranna Chitranna… Ravi Vermana….re tuning, Nee Nanage Beku…..and Naa Nanavanalla……..

Among the singers Raghu Dixit occupies the prominent spot with his scorings and singing of the song Ninna Poojege Bandhe Madheshs….for Psycho film. Sonu Nigam strikes again with songs Minchagi Nee Bararlu…..Enagli MudheSagali…. Modadha Olege Hanigala Balaga from Galipata, Mussanje Mathu and Payana leads, next come Rajesh Krishna for Nadhim Dheem Thana, Vaani’s Madhuvana Karedhare….. Pallavi’s Shivane Nin Ata….. Jothe Jotheyali…sung by Puneeth with co singer is also in the popularity chart.

Operation success but patient died is the case of some of the film songs in this year too. Songs are super hit in some of the cases but films have failed. Take for example Madhuvana Karedhere…of Inthi Nina Preethiya, Shivane Nin Aata Ballavaryaru….of Avva, Patre Love Padma song…. Payana film’s Modadha Olage Hanigala Balaga…. Akka Thangi’s Badavanadare Enu Priye…..Psycho’s Ninna Poojege Bandhe Madesha…. Sathya in love Kannada film title track, Accident film’s Baa Maleya Baa… Yee Thuditha Yee Miditha….of Neenyaare is also superb coming at the fag end of the year.

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