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Title – Aduva Gombe, Producers – Shivappa, Venugopal, Direction – Dorai Bhagwan, Music – Violin Hemanth Kumar, Cinematography – Jabez Ganesh, Cast – Ananthnag, Sudha Belawadi, Sanchari Vijay, Rishita, Disha Krishnaiah, Nirosha Shetty, Anirudh, Manjunath and others.

Here is SK Bhagwan (of Dorai Bhagwan) that has loads of twists and turns in ‘Aduva Gombe’ – every character is part of the destiny dash. The highest is on Madhava – for the 50th film of Bhagwan, if you count carefully you would 50 jerks while watching this film – be it fall of spoon on floor or coffee glass on floor – there is so much connectivity and destinies principal is this Bhagwan.

Undoubtedly the principal of Adarsha Film Institute has thrown challenge to himself to make a strong film for the family audience. Bhagwan has roped in Shiv, Puneeth, Raghanna and Vijay Raghavendra for the songs of this film and no doubt the melody song of Puneeth Rajakumar and Shivarajakumar plus Raghavendra Rajakumar sorrow song at the right time is a real winner from music composer Hemanth Kumar.

Madhava (Sanchari Vijay) is living with his sister Rukmini (Sudha Belawadi) and Kishan (Anananthnag). He is very fond and brother and sister bondage is very strong. After Madhava birth, his mother died and Rukmini given all tutelage and she even prayed God for female children in life. God was so kind and blessed with two female kinds – Vasudha and Radha.

It is a happy family in which Madhava is living. He is forced to take up job in New Delhi. He falls in love with Ananya a north Indian. Suddenly he gets a call that is known as drama of her sister Rukmini. As Madhava is on vacation his sister ask for a promise. Accordingly Vasudha is to wed Madhava. On engagement day Vasudha goes missing. Shocked and in dismay Rukmini looks at her second daughter Radha and by force this is new turn of destiny in Madhava life.

Madhava marries Radha but on first night she discloses that he should not touch him because she is in love with another boy. He should behave like husband in the house is demand of Radha. Now some more doles out – Radha is fed up of something and she is in fit of anger. She gets up in the morning but later she is found dead. Ransacks of room Radha does on the night now makes her suspicious on Madhava. Madhava is shocked when her sister gives a complaint that Madhava is behind the death of Radha. Madhava begs that he cannot do such thing. He is given police treatment.

Ananya, friend of Madhava now come s on the scene and gets bail for Madhava. Suddenly Vasudha missing for long time comes near the police station where Sunder is interrogated. This sunder is none other than husband of Vasudha and he is also rounded in the death of Radha.

Madhava is relieved of all charges but Ananya who is ex lover of Madhava introduces her husband.

Baap Re… many twists SK Bhagwan has adopted in this film and it might not be found in any thrilling novels.

Ananthnag and Sudha Belawadi are best. Sanchari Vijay has given a sincere attempt. Norosha Shetty in a dance over shadows others. Disha and Rishita Malnad are also convincing.

Hemanth Kumar melody and cinematography by Jabez are additional values for this film.

This is a family watch – you count on the number of twists adopted in this film.

Rating:3.5 /5 ****

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