Posted date: 26 Wed, Feb 2020 12:45:51 PM

A film with nexus between Rajavardhana as Baramanna Nayaka and Prabhakar of Bahubali as Dalavayi a tormentor in the film ‘Bichchugaththi`with 7 action portions is all set for release on this Friday in over 200 theatres. It is a dream come true says director Hari Santosh thanking elders like Dr BL Venu, Srinivasamurthy and others for extending good cooperation.


On the pre release meet of the film ‘Tiger Fight’ trailer was released for social media as part of publicity for the film.

Hari Santosh remembered the first day this film came to him. Everyone said how I would do this historical film. I have surpassed all such struggle for this film and budget constraint is another hiccup. Every artist who worked for the film cooperated in their remuneration thanked Hari Santosh.


Dr V Nagendra Prasad had seen the film recently and the novels of ‘Tarasu’ came to his memory while watching the film. It is difficult to make historical and mythological films. After I contributed a song for this film the tuning of it was bit modern and music director Nakul Abhayankar changed according to my suggestions. When Santhu was director of this film announcement came, I also felt that how could he do. But Santhu has read the history well I came to know talking to him on various aspects complimented Nagendra Prasad.

Dingri Nagaraj proud father of Rajavardhan disclosed how his son was suffering to keep fit without eating rice and other regular good food. Any hard work would pay returns is what I felt after looking at my son get up. He grew up strongly for this film was happiness of Dingri Nagaraj.


Ramesh Pandit said this is a different kind of cinema and I saw the quality of Vascodigama in art director Mohan for his tasteful work.


This is two years effort. Without godfather I made a struggle. This is Namma Mannina Kathe, as a new actor getting good support when I went to Chitradurga from Nayaka community was something exceptional pointed actor Rajavardhana. In the seven action portions every action is tucked with a story of this film and it is a final encounter with Prabhakar of Babubali fame he disclosed.


When I was a child my mother was giving make up of Keladi Chennamma, Kittur Rani Chennamma and Onake Obavva – was weak in history but my mother who reads a lot saw such valiant women in me when I was young. Today as an actress of 25 films I have taken two shades for this film ‘Bichchugaththi’. I was able to know more about the history of Chitradurga working for this film mentioned beautiful actress Haripriya addressing media. I have seen honest effort, planning was good and director Hari Santosh was impeccable. We have worked under extreme situations – a few days there was voice infection for team members because of dust remembered Haripriya.


Kalyani mother of Baramanna Nayaka in the film jumped in joy when this role was offered to her. She expects many more films after release of this film.

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