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Duration – 130, Category – family cum sexual disorder, Rating – 4/5

Title – Brahmachari, Producer – Uday K Mehta, Direction – Chandramohan, Music – Dharma Vish, Cinematography – Ravi V, Cast – Ninasam Satish, Aditi Prabhudeva, Achyuth Kumar, Padmaja Rao, Shivaraj KR Pete, Ashok, Daththanna, Girija Lokesh and others.

Of course this is a film worth watching for the comedy contents and serious element in it. But the fact of the matter is that what Kashinath had done in 1989 in `Ananthana Avanthara` – same is repeated 30 years later with new team.

It is a common disease in some of the men that they realize after marriage. In the case of Ramu (Ninasam Satish) there is a strong background socially to that short fall in him. He finds it difficult on his first night with Sunitha Krishnamurthy (Aditi Prabhudeva). That lead to meeting Dr Rama Rao (Daththanna) for help. A mistake happens for the first time in the treatment allotted to Ramu but second time Ramu is taken to his native village where his grandmother explains the past of Ramu.

In the meantime wrong calculations develop and this leads to close friends of Ramu and his village people thronging at his house. The end is as expected and satisfying marriage life for Ramu and Sunitha Krishnamurthy.

Ninasam Satish is good in expressing his innocence. Aditi Prabhudeva charms from her dance in Tadka Tadka…in emotions she is a growing actress with fine dialogue delivery.

The comedy timing of Ashok, Shivaraj KR Pete, Daththanna is superb. Achyuth Kumar and Padmaja Rao as couple are first class. Girija Lokesh as grandmother has emoted well.

The song Aarambha Agide…. In the beginning from Sanchit Hegde voice is a treat to hear. Later the song Tadka Tadka…holds the attention for dance, sets and lyrics. Music composer Dharma Vish is very good in his work.

Ravi V cinematography adds further lift to the film. A film with deep concern is worth watching for various good elements in it.

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