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Duration – 132 minutes, Category – Action thriller, Score – 3/5

Title – Chaddi Dosth Kaddi Alladisbitta, Producer – Seven Raj, Direction – Oscar Krishna, Cinematography – Gagan Kumar, Music – Ananth Aryan, Cast – Oscar Krishna, Lokendra Surya, Seven Raj, Gowri Nayar and others.

An action thriller with friendship as base for this ‘Chaddi Dosth Kaddi Alladisbitta’ the story is penned by Kaundinya and it is from his novel ‘My Dear Friend’ the screenplay is derived.

The much ambitious project of Seven Raj maden production Chaddi Dosth is a mixed pack of entertainment.  The rucks of Lokendra Surya`s character could have been toned down to attract a family audience.

Director Oscar Krishna also playing Dostha to Lokendra Surya has given signal of part two of this film and content wise he is overboarded.  What is meant for three films he has brought it in one film.  As a soft and positive man Oscar Krishna is quite OK In his performance.

The zoom of producer Seven Raj as main villain is superb.  For a song he had even danced in front of the Silver screen in Triveni theater on Friday, the first show of his film.

The Dosth In remand home for different reasons meet in life and the path of Oscar Krishna and Lokendra surya are different.  Lokendra Surya is a womanizer and his Dosth Oscar Krishna does not like this habit. They have a common friend in their life – Gowri Nayar.

 As the story moves the deal that Dosth accepts is also incorrect.  That is to finish off the DC. Oscar and Lokendra decide to just snatch the mobile of DC so that the purpose of the deal is served.  However, they are shocked to see that DC is murdered when they reach the spot.

What happens is the gripping element of this film that you have to watch on screen.

Lokendra Surya gets attention in rural areas and his dialogue delivery is what needs to be controlled. Mild and soft is Oscar Krishna.

Producer Seven Raj has rocked as a villain. He has great fortune. He is the major attraction in the film and made the right investment to gather the attention of the mass audience.

Ananth Aryan music is convincing at places, Violent Velu action is very good in the film, Editing is very fast and cinematography by Gagan Kumar has done a competent job.

This is a film for all action lovers. 
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