Posted date: 1/April/2009

Today the young directors are inspired from the westernized style of dancing and following the zigzag pattern of V channel and other channels to give steps in the cinema. They have not seen the buffalo tails and for everything they give the same steps- just pushing. That is the choreography says the leading choreographer of over 3000 films in which nearly 400 are Kannada and 25 plus films of Dr.Rajakumar – THARA. She was speaking to media persons from four decades of her experience. Knowing the villages the culture, tradition and arriving at the footsteps is very important because the dance always relate to human life in society. Today walking has become dancing. Thara madam was in full bloom to attach the nasty style of dance direction today.

Before showing her discontentment on the present day dance she obtained permission to speak and only when she was told you have the right to comment she spoke on the style of today.

Thara Madam came to choreograph two songs for ‘Bagyadha Balegara’ but producer Ramesh Kashyap and writer Ajaykumar impressed with the enthusiasm shown by the veteran gave five songs to do the choreography.

Thara madam made a forecast that ‘Bagyadha Balegara’ will be another ‘Janumadha Jodi’ of Shivarajakumar.

One of the eight songs in ‘Bagyadha Balegara’ Tharaji heard twice and came out with the dance steps very quickly. That is the caliber of the madam said Ajaykumar the script writer of the film.

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