Posted date: 30 Tue, Mar 2021 10:11:48 AM

As the IPL is around the corner from 9 of April, 2021, here is a film in Kannada that focus attention on the cricket betting besides the entertainment one gets.

Picking a few of the real betting incidents focusing on impact in social life `Critical Keerthenegalu` script has been prepared by director Kumar. According to director in cricket betting, every year 200 persons commit suicide. 70 percent of victims dipped in loans. Shooting was held in Bengaluru, Mangaluru, Mandya and Belagavi districts.

This is a humor laced emotional cinema. Climax would haunt everyone observes director Kumar. The trailer of this film has attracted over 4 lakh views.

Tabala Nani is a lawyer and he continues his journey after super hit film `Chemistry of Kariappa`. Tabala Nani signed eight films after ‘CK’. Do not lose hopes of your team he urged. Only difficulties that teach lessons he added.

Aruna Balaraj, Gururaja Hoskote, Taranga Vishwa, Suchindra Prasad as judge, middle class representative is Rajesh Nataranga, Apoorva Bharadwaj as house wife, new talents Deepa Jagadish, Drama Junior Puttaraju and Mahendraprasad, Yashas-Abhi and others are in the cast.

Veera Samarth composed music for three songs. Shiva Sena is cinematographer. Director Kumar and likeminded friends invested on this film. The film is ready for release.




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