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In the real life the close friends and family members call challenging star Darshan as ‘Dachchu’ and another super star Kichcha Sudeep as ‘Deepu’. The clubbing of Kichcha Sudeep and Darshan might be hilarious task. At least their names are used for the film title. How the fans of both superstars react is interesting to watch in the coming days.

Now a team of new members have named the Kannada film ‘Dachchu Deepu’ with tag line Darshan-Sudeep fans. The film was flagged off by Navarasanayaka Jaggesh and BT Lalitha Naik at Kanteerava Studio on Wednesday morning.

Ranjit worked as assistant in five Darshan and Jaggesh films in independent director from this ‘Dachchu Deepu’. He is confident of getting permission (if need arises) to take permission from two superstars for this film. He has worked on a mind game in the screenplay.

According to cameraman Siddarth who supported in screenplay is about a rough and decent guy. The gun and pen in the posters comes in a dream sequence he says. We have worked on the screenplay so well that both super stars would feel very happy for it. The shoot is planned in Sakaleshpura and Kerala locations.

Chandu actor Bhanjara films a fan of Kichcha Sudeep while Anand is a fan of Darshan in the film. The duo in the village escape from elders after a smuggling incident bothers. In the city they work right from pasting of posters of superstars Darshan and Sudeep for livelihood. Both Chandu and Anand are real life fans of the super stars. They maintain the mannerisms of superstars in a few occasions of this film. Dachchu and Deepu quarrel in the film at one particular point.

Nishkala is in her fourth film. She is an NGO in the film – an orphan helping orphans is a pair for Dachchu. Archana Singh of Mamu T Angadi, Gowdru Hotel and Tube Light is daughter of circle inspector in the film is a model. She is pair to Deepu.

Producer Uday was not present at the media address. Abhiman Roy is scoring music, Tribhuvan is directing dance, Different Danny handling four action portions for this film.

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