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Duration – 160 minutes 58 seconds, Category – Revenge Saga, Rating – 4/5

Title – Damayanthi, Producer – Navarasan, Direction – Navarasan, Music – RS Ganesh Narayan, Cinematography – PKH Doss, Cast – Radhika Kumaraswamy, Bhajarangi Loki, Tabala Nani, Pavan, Giri, Mithra, Sadhu Kokila, Naveen Krishna, Ravi Gowda, Balrajwadi, Veena Sunder, Honavalli Krishna, Raj Bahaddur and others.

The first half of ‘Damayanthi’ is a laugh riot and second half is a revenge saga. However you cannot miss the recent film ‘Mane Maarattakkide’ that has close resemblance to this ‘Damayanthi’ first half.

Navarasan is no doubt intelligent but he should have made it crisp. The first half itself is Paisa Vasool. Second half is dominated by charming actress Radhika Kumaraswamy. It is a dashing flash back to the laughing first.

The first half is nothing but a game in a huge bungalow. The intention is to so that there are no ghosts in the house. So a gang of six – Tabla Nani, Pavan, Mithra, Giri and two girls drop in here for a task program via reality show. This is telecast in a channel and that would solve the main purpose of selling of the bungalow.

The first half developments are what make the audience to hold their stomach and laugh. Tabla Nani and Pavan combination draws highest attention.

The only advice for the six in the house is that one main door should not be opened. This is what opened by Tabla Nani in intoxicated mood. After 90 ml Tabla Nani is uncontrollable.

As the door is opened the past of Damayanthi is revealed. A Mantrik drops in and that gives room for Damayanthi flashback. What is narrated is the revenge saga. Damayanthi a doctor of a royal family meets a tragic end to his family. It is Bhajarangi Loki trouble shooter. As ghost how the revenge is taken is told in the dashing part of the film.

Radhika Kumaraswamy as ghost Damayanthi steals show. She has good make up for this portion too. Bhajarangi Loki is impressive, the comedy actors steals the first half of the film.

Tabla Nani, Pavan, Giri, Mithra take you for a fun ride in the first half and gives back your ticket price.

Ganesh Narayan background score is terrific; PKH Doss cinematography has no flaws in giving visual treat.

Worth Watching this film ‘Damayanthi’.

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