Posted date: 05 Wed, Sep 2018 12:16:33 PM

A few days before the omnipresent Lord Ganesh Festival (on September 13) there was Ganesha festival mood for ‘Jhansi’ Kannada film featuring the tall and beautiful Lakshmi Rai in lead role.

It was a huge Ganesha Idol and in front was the colorful atmosphere. Lakshmi Rai decked with jeans pants, red T shirt and another shirt plus red ribbon on fore heard, a Tilak  rocked in this dance at Bangarappa Gudda near Hosakerehalli locality.

The song Keliddu Koduva Dammiro Devre Neenobbane Ganapa….written by K Kalyan and dance in Dhankumar composition was going on when the media visited this place. Power star Puneeth Rajakumar will be delivering this song in the later stages.

Director Guruprasad explained the backdrop for this song on Lord Ganesha. With influence this piece of land has gone to disgruntled elements. Slum people oppose it. When Bomb is kept in this locality people would run away is the idea of trouble shooters. Jhansi is there to give counter attack. This is the opening scene of Jhansi ala Lakshmi Rai in the film. There is drug mafia too in this revenge saga says Guruprasad. Mukesh Rishi Hindi cinema actor is adding to the cast. Ravi Kaale is trouble shooter at the locality where Ganesha song was going on.

Four fights and chase portions will be captured in the later stages. Lakshmi Rai is taking training in Martial Arts. The female oriented films are increasing off late. The role for me in the film of rowdy, cop etc are well prepared. I will be straightforward and that is what I am in real life.

In the 12 long years of cinema I have seen success, failure, difficulties. Heroine oriented films increase in every sense; I would take up such in future. I had calls from films like Kurukshetra and KGF. I could not adjust dates. My loving God is Ganesh. Dancing to that song is my happiness stated Lakshmi Rai.

Dance director Dhankumar, producer Rajesh Kumar were also present at the media briefing.


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