DAVID A Well Made Murder Mystery Film - 3/5 ***
Posted date: 20 Thu, Jul 2023 05:25:49 PM

Movie: David (Kannada)

Directors:  Shreyas Chinga and Yogambar Bhargav

Cast: Shreyas Chinga, Rakesh Adiga, Prathap Narayan, Sara Harish, Avinash, Bullet Prakash, Kavya Sha, and Nandeesh.

Duration: 131 minutes

Certification: UA

Rating: three out of five


Shreyas Chinga, who played Basheer in Kannada movie Rangbirangi that was released in 2018, makes debut as one of the directors with this movie. His specialty is that he played double roles – hero and director – in this movie and has succeeded in accomplishing both assignments to some extent. He along with another director Yogambar Bhargav has made an attempt to showcase different locations of Bengaluru.


The movie revolves around three incidents – a tussle between two business partners, a group of carefree youth who want to earn money for a lavish life and a divorced sister and her wayward brother who goes to any extent for money to buy drugs.


david Upendra Sharma (Avinash) is the chairman of Sharma Group of Companies. Rathan Shetty happens to help Upendra Sharma when he was on the verge of becoming bankrupt. Sharma reciprocates Rathan Shetty by making the latter as his business partner. Rathan Shetty, due to some reasons, asks his son Vikram Shetty to assist Sharma. Vikram Shetty prefers champagne and beautiful girls rather than assisting Sharma. As usual, Sharma tries to avoid Vikram Shetty. Fernandez, a wicked person, joins hands with Vikram Shetty and engages David, a contract killer, to eliminate Sharma. At this juncture, the directors introduce a group of youth who plan to kidnap Sharma’s daughter Shreya for money. Meanwhile, the group of youths led by a son of businessman (Rajesh Adiga) kidnaps Sherya. Sharma and another youth are killed. The climax is who is David.

Shreyas China has acted well. Sara Harish looks cute and beautiful but has no scope to showcase her acting skills in this movie.

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