Posted date: 10 Tue, Mar 2020 09:05:29 AM

The tall and handsome actor Deepak of Shishya fame was in low key for some years. He is now bouncing back in his 15th year in cinema. I want to flourish as a villain he dashes a reply for the question on this occasion. Deepak screened the clips of his nearly dozen films so far at the media meet.

He has a very strong villain role in hat trick director Prem’s ‘Ek Lav Ya’ and in Veeram he is in a strong villain again in Prajwal Devaraj film.

Meanwhile this actor of Shishya, Channa, Baa Bega Chandamana, 18th Cross (first film of Radhika Yash) Magadi, Belli, Thyagu, Dheena, Janavari 1 Bidugade set a plat form to honor those who gave him breakthrough in his professional career.

Ba Ma Harish, Ba Ma Girish, Senior PRO Vijayakumar, Senior PRO Nagendra, Producers Kumaraswamy, Suraana, Shashidhar and director Khader Kumar were honored on this occasion by Deepak with a Mysuru Peta and a shawl.

I have not made any complaints in my career yet I had to swallow a few. I never interfered in script, never went late Deepak stated in his comeback time.

I am villain and not a Hero he reiterated in his bit of emotion filled address at Renukamba Digital theatre on Saturday night.

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