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Duration – 129 minutes 5 seconds, Category – mother sentiment cum thriller, Score – 4/5 ****

Title – Devaki, Producers – Ravichanker RC and Akshay CS, Direction – Lohith H, Music – Nobin Paul, Cinematography – HC Venu, Cast – Priyanka Upendra, Aishwarya Upendra, Kishor, Jaiswal and others.

A film on mother and daughter sentiment is also a film on daughter and mother sentiment! At a young age in his 20’s Lohith has given a fine thought and made thriller in addition to sentiment in this pack of ‘Devaki’.

Firstly this film touches your heart, secondly you pity on the given conditions on silver screen, thirdly you feel emotional with the situation faced by mother and fourthly and very importantly when a young daughter says I am there to serve my mother – you feel relieved.

Look at this young Lohith looking at various angles and making it interesting with thrilling elements. For the first half you would say the missing daughter should return safely and in second half when daughter Aradhya surface, the mother who searched so long is not able to identify her daughter.

In the medical history it is called ‘Dementia’ – this is what affects Devaki in her life. Slowly and steadily she loses her memory and in the end one has to take care of her. Such a woman makes frantic search for her missing daughter. The police officer Kishor connects to this episode of daughter Aradhya missing. He is in a shock at the interval point and his suspicion lead to a hospital where the doctor declare the disease in Devaki.

So what next you would want to know. Buy a ticket and take watch this film without fail. There are so many touching elements and situations that lead to mother and daughter bondage.

Priyanka Upendra is extremely good and she is a toughest competitor for several awards. She has done a fine performance and for this her real life daughter before eyes is also one of the reasons. Pretty looking Aishwarya Upendra is no doubt future heroine of the Kannada cinema industry. At 15 years the role she had performed is admirable. She is at very ease and carries the role with sensibilities.

Kishor as cop in white uniform runs for a fine performance and may clinch a few awards. The background score is tolerable and HC Venu has given a fine glimpse of Kolkota – city, Howrah Bridge, small lanes in the city etc.

This is a film you cannot miss to watch.

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