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Everyone wants the grace of God at different stages and levels in life! In the case of young master Anoop the requirement of God is to get parents. Losing parents in the accident, brought up by Shivaramanna, the innocent child asks for parents. Shivaramanna showing the ‘Bhakta Prahallada’ conversation of Dr Raj and Puneeth Rajakumar tells that Dr Rajakumar had gone to see God. Believing this the child runs away to Bengaluru to find Dr Rajakumar or Puneeth Rajakumar.

 This is the story line of Kenja Chetan Kumar who is producer and director of the film. He has made survey on orphan children. Two crore children are living in different orphan houses. In case childless couple adopts such children there would be no orphan children according to him. Shivaramanna character adopts this Master Anoop and gives tutelage. The film also touches the youngsters going to Mumbai and seeking film chance. Such persons are traced in Lokondwala in Mumbai. The youngster role is played by Prasad Vasishta. In reality such aspiration youngsters turn up doing hotel work. The case is same with Prasad Vasishta. Here the child is symbolic. The narration is in three ways in the film.


The songs of this film were released in Akash Audio You Tube and getting good response. Sandalwood Pictures is releasing the film on October 11th in nearly 60 theatres.


At the pre release media meet on Saturday morning at SRV 2nd floor playback singer Shwetha rendered a few lines of the film song Akashakke Taareya….to begin the media briefing.


What director and producer Chetan Kumar says now is that they need ‘Devaru’ – that is none other than media. Master Anoop in his sweet voice thanked everyone and told he moves to Gudibande, Kaiwara, Bengaluru surroundings and Kolar for shooting.


Actor Sathyanath says there is ‘Athma’ in this film. It is not a high budget cinema but no dearth for commercial entertainment elements. He plays Ramanna security guard in the film, music director Juevin Singh thanked for the comfortable atmosphere to score music for four songs.

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