Posted date: 1/August/2011

You name any problem of this universe – director Nayak RK is having cinematic solution to it. That is what he is doing in his debut direction Paper Dhoni – The country is filled with crisis and Nayak is taking up seriously via Save Our Society scheme he is introducing in ‘PD’. A rag picker forms his own team and gives amicable solution for the drop of every hat.

Nayak prepared the script two years ago but failed to launch it. The thread of his subject was seen in ‘Super’ Kannada cinema. So he dropped the subject and took another one. That is ‘Paper Dhoni’ – the issues like Naxalism, corruption, farmers suicide, killing of single woman and various issues at the international level the director gives solution – whether it is going to happen or not he is not worried.

Nayak is getting in 16 assistants to his maiden film direction. It is debut for various technicians via ‘Paper Dhoni’.

Actor Naveen Krishna remembered the help he got from director and producer when his family was in difficulty after ‘Dheemaku’. When the narration was given to him twice he was not able to understand. A ‘Paper Dhoni’ is the one which may sail or sink. There is hard work and sincere attempt to give solutions to problems. Naveen Krishna also supported on the songs quality of the film.

Shanthala who was Thungasri in ‘Chinnada Thali’ is Shanthala again. She had acted in Olavina Banna and Yaare Nee Mohini. I have good chance to tap my talent in this film stated a competent actress.

Producer Janardhan a social servant and garment businessman is producer of this film. He is confident of good film speaking to the media at IT BT park at Rajajinagara Industrial area where Jai Anand was wielding his camera.

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