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The differences of opinion that erupted in the beginning of 2008 between Dhuniya Vijay and his sister Ambuja husband TP Siddaraju, producer of ‘Dhuniya’ has now been sorted out. It all happened at ‘Sidlingu’ audio release at Srinivasa Chitramandira.

A small flash back -

The first controversy of the year 2008 was Dhuniya producer T.P.Siddaraju lashing out at actor Vijay his brother in law. I would not ask his call sheet or admit him when he comes to do a film in my banner he said. He has lost the earlier patience and discipline. When ‘Dhuniya’ became super hit he has changed his calculations. For many of my close friends he said ‘Yarri Siddaraju’.

It was in the January first week of 2008 TP Siddaraju said in www.chitratara.com interview. Good thing is that he has admitted his brother in law. Nothing is permanent – Change is only permanent in this life!

On Monday night it looked like ‘Nagara Panchami’ festival scene when Dhuniya Vijay wept and his sister Ambuja came rushing to console him. Vijay took a few more seconds to recover from emotional drop.

Coming to normalcy Dhuniya Vijay said ‘Naanu Beladaddhu Akka Bhava Jothe’. ‘Sidlingu is my house cinema. Yogishge Yava Anyaya Agodhu Beda. Nan Mane Kelsa, Nanna Akka Bhava Karitha Irbodhu. When my brother in law Siddaraju was working in Janata Bazaar at the initial days of marriage with my sister I was following them unknowingly to the theatres and request my sister to take ticket for the cinema. The same ‘Akka Bhava’ gave me life in cinema from ‘Dhuniya’ Vijay a changed man today disclosed.

Vijay also recalled the days of ‘Silli Lalli’ where he used to work in small roles. The same Vijayaprasad has directed Sidlingu for my Yogish. Let Vijayaprasad come with a subject for me too stated Vijay.

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